Shipboard Energy Reduction, Management, and Assessment

Marine Design Dynamics is the industry expert in energy conservation for the U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command (MSC) and Commercial ships. Our energy management processes and services are based on our foundation of expertise in ship and ship system design and operations. Our integrated team of experts include Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Marine Electrical Engineers, Marine HVAC experts, Environmental Scientists, experienced Chief Engineers, Captains  and Deck and Engine Officers.

In 2008, faced with the rising cost of fuel and projected reduction in operating budgets, the US Navy tasked MDD to develop a system to reduce energy consumption across the US Navy and Military Sealift Command fleets. MDD’s team of experts developed the tools, processes and guidelines to effectively reduce energy consumption that was adopted by the Navy and MSC.

In 2009, MDD was awarded the contract to manage MSC’s Energy Conservation Program.  MDD conducted energy audits, operational assessments, and system efficiency assessments for every major class of MSC ships, identifying well over $100M of energy savings across the fleet. MDD developed a system to track all fleet fuel usage providing a baseline of historical and current fuel usage and developed ship, class and fleet level energy management plans.  The program was so successful that MSC agreed to reduce their fuel budget by $355M based on the anticipated savings from the energy program.

In 2012, MDD expanded our energy management services to the commercial marine industry. Using the experience gained through our Navy and MSC work MDD tailored our approach and demonstrated it’s effectiveness on a few select commercial operators. In one example, MDD conducted a detailed set of machinery configuration and ship operations evaluations on the New York City Staten Island Ferry MOLINARI Class.  MDD identified up to 30% reduction in fuel by modifying propulsion configurations and modifying operating procedures. Based on the success of this project MDD is conducting a pilot project on the MOLINARI Class to demonstrate the effectiveness of implementing a long term energy management program and continuous monitoring of energy usage and operations.

In another example, MDD has been assisting Carnival Cruise Lines in implementation of an energy reduction program across the fleet of cruise ships.


Shipowners who are interested in reducing their vessel operating costs have an excellent opportunity to do so with the use of shipboard energy assessments. This thorough assessment highlights numerous energy conservation measures that will enable shipowners to conserve energy, save money and provide for a healthier bottom line. The shipboard energy auditing team at Marine Design Dynamics consists of United States Coast Guard unlimited horsepower licensed marine engineers who are certified energy managers (CEM-AEE) combined with subject matter experts in specific marine engineering fields to provide the best possible energy analysis. Our auditing team has gained years of knowledge working afloat and ashore in the maritime industry. By using the latest equipment, such as power quality meters, thermal imaging cameras and other monitoring devices, our team is able to effectively assess energy usage. The auditing team can conduct any level of energy audit so desired by the client. As environmental regulations increase, accurate measurements of the vessels’ carbon output are necessary and can be provided by our team. A thorough energy assessment provides information helpful in preventing machinery failures, electrical fires, and other type of mechanical difficulties that can be caused by overheating. It can also ensure proper and safe operation of all shipboard systems.