Research and Development

Marine Design Dynamics specializes in conducting thorough research and development, as well as providing program management for research and development efforts, which has resulted in the development of very solid capabilities in this area.

Our current R&D projects include advanced composite for ship design, development of an advanced grey water purification and recycling system for use by the USMC in Forward Operating Bases, development of a lightweight, low power water filtration system for producing potable water from marginal sources, development of a detailed energy model of the USMC Forward Operating Bases, development of a marine diesel engine diagnostic system to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

MDD has been supporting the U.S. Navy on a wide variety of Research and Development projects. MDD provided lead Program Management support to the Navy’s Operational Logistics Integration Program (OPLOG), chartered by OPNAV N42 to improve logistics operations at sea on Navy and MSC ships in support of Sea Shield, Sea Strike and Sea Basing. The OPLOG Program was chartered to conduct technology development and integration efforts with cross-platform, multiple vessel and class applicability focused on several main areas; Advanced Replenishment Systems, Shipboard Materiel Transport, Standardized Containerization, Asset Visibility and Planning, Shipboard Energy Conservation and Naval Logistics Integration. MDD managed several RDT&E efforts for the OPLOG program including the development of the OPLOG and MSC shipboard energy management process, the development of a next generation replacement of the Phone and Distance Line used during Underway Replenishment, development of a shipboard emissions testing system, and a program to develop and test technologies to improve asset visibility through the afloat logistics supply chain.