Program Management

MDD’s expertise lies in building a first-rate team that can implement its clients’ visions through uniting and managing the technical resources that will ensure the best possible team effort. MDD’s program management philosophy is founded on a system engineering approach and a systematic, repeatable and extensible process for program management. Through years of refinement we have developed our program management process to provide a consistent framework and structure for our team members to apply to our program management support efforts and to our design and development projects.

Although MDD is a relatively new organization, our personnel have extensive experience in program and project management for both government and commercial applications. Each member of the MDD team has firsthand knowledge and a keen awareness of both good and bad program management methods and strategies. MDD’s practices, methodologies, tools and procedures are used to effectively manage our staff, design teams and projects, as well as to support our clients in managing their efforts.

We believe in open communication and integrated team building, but understand that effective project management requires clear lines of responsibility and accountability. Each task has a designated Program Manager (PM) who is the single point of contact responsible for overseeing an entire project. The PM may designate individual Project Leads for specific tasks, but ultimate responsibility lies with the PM.

The PM is specifically responsible for:

  • Being the single point of contact with the customer.
  • Ensuring that the program meets all contractual requirements.
  • Coordinating and overseeing all subcontractors and consultants.
  • Monitoring and reporting task order cost, schedule performance and status.
  • Closely monitoring quality assurance procedures and ensuring that standards are followed with precision.
  • Developing task estimates.
  • Developing POA&Ms.

MDD’s approach to task management consists of task requirements identification, determination of required resource capabilities and requirements, and the assignment of task responsibilities. Standard management procedures provide efficient program and project planning and reporting. MDD has developed a detailed integrated master plan and schedule for each task.

The integrated master plan includes:

  • The assignment of named responsible parties for each identified task element.
  • The coordination of internal task management procedures.
  • The identification of any and all deliverable interdependencies and interfaces, which aide in proper scheduling and production sequencing.
  • The establishment of interim deliverable milestones, in addition to start and completion dates to facilitate quality control procedures.
  • The prioritization of tasking to maximize effective application of team resources.