Advanced Concept Development

The philosophy which drives Marine Design Dynamics is to encourage innovation and creativity. The future of MDD lies in its ability to invent new strategies and methods (as well as improving upon the ones in place) in order to accomplish its current and future goals of harnessing advancements in science and technology. We adhere to this philosophy by providing internal research and development funding to support our in-house development efforts. Projects such as the MOS were developed and tested using internal research and development funds, and are an essential part of MDD’s identity. MDD supports our team by providing them with the resources they need to develop advanced concepts and technologies.

In addition, much of our Naval work focuses on advanced concept development. Examples of such work can be seen in our Portfolio and include:

  • T-Craft design support.
  • MOS transforming catamaran / spar hull ship.
  • Reverse Osmosis Module.
  • 6-PAQ Phone and distance line replacement.
  • Multi-Mission Combat Craft.
  • High Volatility Fuel Module.