The Naval and Marine industries face new challenges and concerns, including environmental issues, the increased demand for energy efficiency and energy conservation, sophisticated global market demands, fiscal and economic constraints, and complex political climates. Marine Design Dynamics was formed to provide innovative solutions in response to these perpetual challenges.

Comprised of a highly skilled and accomplished team of Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Systems Engineers, Commercial and Naval Ship Operators, Physicists, Ocean Engineers, Civil Engineers and an Environmental Chemist, MDD supports every phase of design development; from initial concept and CONOPS generation, detail design and production, to in-depth testing and evaluation. As an expanding small business, MDD prides itself in the depth of experience that its personnel possess and the wide variety of programs they support.

MDD’s core expertise:

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Ship Modification and Repair

Program Management

Shipboard Energy Reduction and Energy Management

Research and Development

Advanced Concept Development and Design Integration

Prototyping & Hardware Fabrication

MDD takes great pride in the establishment of solid, long-term relations and partnerships with its clients. Such partnerships have allowed MDD to gain a comprehensive knowledge of its clients’ future and current goals, as well as satisfying the demands required of teams in a dynamic and highly competitive market.