Heavy Unrep Program Management

Heavy Underway Replenishment
MDD was been tasked by the US Navy to provide Program Management and Technical support for the development of the Heavy Underway Replenishment (UNREP) system, which expands and upgrades the 1960’s constant tension UNREP technology. Initiated in response to the CVN 78 ORD, this program advances the UNREP state-of-the-art technology using constant tension methodology, coupled with new drive technologies to safely and effectively meet the heavy UNREP operational requirements: operation in higher sea states; reduced UNREP time; reduced manpower; and, heavier load-transfer. Heavy UNREP will also cut maintenance and repair costs significantly as well as providing operators with notable improvements in controllability. The new system is fully interoperable both with warships and with “legacy” UNREP ships that use the current UNREP system. The Heavy UNREP system is currently programmed as a replacement installation for two port-side delivery stations on each T-AOE-6 Class ship.

MDD was been tasked by the US Navy to provide Program Management and Technical support for the development of an all-electric UNREP– E-STREAM – and fueling system as the Heavy UNREP technology/equipment is readily translatable to a system with STREAM and fueling system capabilities. Development of E-STREAM has particular merit since the Navy Standard UNREP system was developed in the 1970s and is becoming increasingly expensive to procure and maintain. E-STREAM and an all-electric fueling system – systems with lower acquisition and support costs – are proposed for use in The T-AO(X) program.



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