About Us

About Us

Marine Design Dynamics, Inc. (MDD) was founded in 2005 by entrepreneurial engineers with the goal of providing the highest quality engineering and program management services to the US Navy, Department of Defense, and commercial clients. MDD is an innovation-centered, small business specializing in the naval architecture and engineering design of advanced vessels and marine systems. Our integrated design team supports clients from both government and defense agencies, as well as commercial industries.

The foundation of MDD relies on the talents of its forward-thinking and creative engineering and design group, who excel in the development of affordable and sustainable products, while enhancing performance capabilities.

Our primary support has been to NAVSEA, MSC, and the U.S. Marine Corps, where we are becoming known for our innovative approach to engineering development and strong program management abilities. Our internal management approach fosters employee growth and promotes a strong work ethic based on providing the best service possible to our customers.

MDD’s core strength lies in its people. We understand that our success and growth depend on our ability to attract and retain exceptional talent. We also understand the challenges of running a successful organization in a complex business environment, where program directions and funding allocations can be altered almost instantaneously. Our company is based on a flexible structure that is tailored to reach our goals as our business grows and the business environment changes. We emphasize multidisciplinary capabilities, allowing us to meet emerging and changing business needs and requirements.

MDD’s stability is provided by a strong core group of technical expertise that is continually expanding.  MDD personnel have broad technical backgrounds, enabling flexibility in work assignments and preventing workload issues as projects are finished or redirected. Additionally, employee growth is a major consideration in our corporate philosophy. This is achieved by promoting motivation and individual growth through advancement opportunities, training, and competitive compensation. As a small business with low corporate overhead and facility costs, we are capable of offering our employees very competitive salaries and benefits, while maintaining competitive rates.

Our commitment to our employees also helps us maintain and expand our expertise. MDD provides a work environment and structure that attracts and retains high quality employees. Company sponsored training ensures that employees are supported with the tools necessary to maintain our position at the forefront of our field. We encourage team building to foster new talent and provide interdisciplinary exposure to our employees.